Our Story


D2C is a premium lifestyle fitness fashion brand inspired by true individuals with the mindset to dominate the impossible and conquer the challenges life brings before you. We stand for greatness and success, never let the limitations of your background reduce the height of your potential.

Our garments are made to be worn at the gym or outside for a raw aesthetic appearance. We create each product with pure dedication and an eye for detail so that to inspire you to perform at your full potential and feel great. D2C is a brand based in UK, with a dream to reach out to aspiring individuals throughout all time zones, with the goal to achieve the impossible and be a part of us.

Everything that we stand for and do is to help inspire individuals not only to achieve but conquer their goals and exceed every limitation. Regardless of the difficulties and challenges life brings before you, D2C encourages and enthuses you to stay dominant, unconquerable and driven. Never turn back on failures. Be dominant. Be unconquerable.

D2C is a lifestyle engineered for the ELITE. For you.


D2C garments are made from premium quality textiles and fabrics – with the single-minded aim of innovating and fusing fashion with fitness to create exclusive lifestyle wear that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also a great fit.

Each product is exclusively designed in-house by our creative team from selecting the finest raw materials to implementing creative ideas and innovations into our products before they are finally released for bulk production. Each product is created with an eye for detail and manufactured exclusively for D2C.

Think Fashion, Comfort, Quality and Performance tailored into one concept – a masterpiece.

Welcome to the Unconquerable Lifestyle.